The Race: Asian Australian, Part 10


This post is exceptional, it has much teach about race relations, with it’s in-depth storyline, in regards to Mabel, a Chinese-Malaysian in Australia, is riveting. Another whopper from Holistiic Wayfarer…

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:

1) How do you define yourself racially or ethnically and why is it important to you? Please tell us about the racial makeup of your family if you were adopted or come from a colorful family.

I was born in Australia to very traditional Chinese-Malaysian parents. The word “Malaysian” refers to a nationality. There are predominantly three races living in Malaysia – Chinese, Malay and Indian. A very long time ago, the Chinese came and settled in Malaysia. My grandparents – and many generations before them – were born in Malaysia. My relatives and extended family don’t know where our ancestors originated. We don’t talk about Chinese history but the history of Malaysia. We’ve always considered ourselves Chinese people living in Malaysia. We don’t identify with China the country but with Chinese culture. Chinese Malaysian is similar to the term, say, Korean American.



When I was growing up in Melbourne…

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Draft Day, Wasn’t Torture

Kevin, finally has found his acting skills/image:

Kevin, finally has found his acting skills/image:

Kevin Costner, is trying something new!!!  He’s become an actor!!!  He’s ameliorated his craft, and has now found a rhythm to communicating with his audience. No more is he, just saying his lines and expecting us to like it.  So it’s not painful to watch him on-screen as it once was.

Perhaps it’s because audiences expect more from actors now, than in the past. For instance, if you’re an actor now, you have to squeeze out a few tears if it’s a cry scene.  If you’re angry in a scene, your face should show it, and if you’re in a sleep scene, don’t have a glob of makeup on when you wake up, (this one is especially true for women).  Because none of that’s believable and Kevin finally is getting it right, where he wasn’t before.

The Premise:  Sonny Weaver, Costner, is the general manager of the Cleveland Browns football team and it’s draft season.  And for some reason all the player must be on this team. As he muddles over some star draft picks he’s in a quandary about a quarterback and other key positioned players.  His boss, Frank Langella, is pressuring him, his coach, Dennis Leary, is pressuring him, and almost everyone else in the league not to mention his mother, Ellen Burstyn.  Which makes him question himself, and the character of some of the football players he’s considering.

This story is reminiscent of Moneyball, with Brad Pitt, but football instead of baseball. However, it was a bit predictable because of Moneyball, but interesting.  What made it so, is for anyone watching who knows little about the sport, being a football buff wasn’t required. As it showed how impersonal the NFL draft is, and since it’s such big business, football players are like cattle, or horses at an auction.  It’s a sad commentary on the politics behind the game. Although, it did try to show the human side of the wheeling and dealing, but with too little character development on the draft picks.  The film did attempt to show the main character in a sensitive light, as he appeared to care about the draft picks.

The dialog was good and fast paced, and didn’t seem preachy but had a silly side story. With the antiquated theme, of an older man chasing after a woman, Jennifer Garner, young enough to have fathered, it’s shallow, and disturbing, especially since she probably has daddy issues and co dependency problems.  It’s puzzling, why writers can’t fathom a woman of middle age being attractive and desirable to a man the same age?  What’s really going on with this tired storyline/stereotype?  It just perpetuates the thinking, that ALL middle aged men are in a persistent mid-life crisis, with no choice in the matter.  In Costner’s case, it’s unfortunate that art imitates life, as for divorcing his wife, and marrying a younger woman, and it’s still a dumb cliche.

Costner and Garner, his love intrest???/image:

Costner, and Garner, his love interest???/image:

The Sum Up: With good dialog, fast paced story, and very good acting from Costner, this movie get’s a B, for see it on dvd or in theaters, but see it.  I couldn’t give it a A because of the underdeveloped storylines of the draft picks, or silly romantic side story, sheesh, that nearly made me angry.  With some language and a dubious relationship, I have to give this flick a ***Safety Alert.***  This movie is not for children under 14, Pg 13. ~ Musings&Rants

Daily Prompt: Chillaxin

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Since I have a kick back job, thinking about ways to wind down is difficult but, since my job consists of staying close to my employer all week, (I’m a caregiver), then, getting in my car and driving anywhere is cathartic.  Since this only happens on my days off, I start with seeing a movie, since that’s one of my favorite past times.  Most people I know don’t like to attend a movie on their own, but for me it’s perfect.  I can see what I want, and I don’t have to ask anyone what they want to see. So, it’s pretty much all about me for 2 hours. 

The library, relaxes me too, it’s a way to be with others without speaking.   I can get lost in the library, and since libraries have so few people in them, it’s a place where you can become invisible.  Umm, as I think about this, maybe I’m spending a lot of time alone.  No, I’m ok, because I spent a lot of years raising a child alone and she was my shadow, so being alone feels fine. 

To end the day, going to the Dollar Store is heaven, the only worry here, everything only costs a buck, and talk about finding reasons to buy a bunch of stupid random junk you don’t need.  Like yesterday, did I really  need to buy alcohol wipes for my computer and cell?  No but I bought them, or what about those colored pens, or another roll of mailing tape, what was that about?  But in all, it’s nice to only think about what you want to do, and not appease someone else.

Finally, my blog, this is where the creative juices start to flow, and this is decompressing at its best, and no WordPress didn’t pay me to write this.  Even if it’s just for me, I have had fun journaling my thoughts, and letting you peek in, this is what living is all about. ~ Musings&Rants 



Seven Signs You’re a V.I.P. Blogger


This is from Holistic Wayfarer, she’s at it again with another fun blog post, she’s my new bestest blog friend and she’s always got something cooking!!!

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1. You laugh and cry with people you’ve never met. And if anyone tells you they’re not real friends, you know which friend is on his way out.

2. You feel like a superhero. Not because you’re out at night saving the world but because you have this whole other identity, a life some friends have no idea you live.

3. You burn your third pot in a month, preoccupied with the new post bubbling in your head. No one can get too upset when you’re…inSpiRed.

4. You have not only given up on the dishes but quit stressing that they’re in full display for guests. No time, no pride, no shame.

5. “Sorry? I don’t follow” or “You follow?” isn’t something you can say in cyberspace anymore.

6. Your vibes with bloggers are in sync. Just when you’re thinking of a reader, a like from the dear soul comes…

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Captain America Winter Soldier, Bromance and Action*

Chris Evan, this must be his good side, but not sure there is a bad side/image:

Chris Evans, this must be his good side, oh wait… not sure there is a bad side/image:

I really enjoyed this movie, it was well executed. The story was a little silly, and predictable but done with flare.

The premise:  Captain America, Chris Evans, has to come against a new foe who is part robot.  He also, can’t trust anyone.  He’s introduced to his enemy by his mentor and commander and chief, Nick Fury, Samuel L Jackson, which creates new problems because CA must figure out who’s dirty and who is not.  So he buddies up with a retired military man, Sam Wilson, Anthony Mackey, to help in his quest to find out how to fight the enemy, he also recruits Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, for extra back up.  Why he can trust them?  Not sure but it pushes the story along.

Something that really jumps out in these Avenger/Marvel movies, is the writers are creative in the one liners. They aren’t going for stupid tired clichés like in Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, they are imaginative and genuinely make you laugh.  Iron Man had them, Avengers 2, and Thor, however, I’m not sure if they all had the same writers for all the aforementioned films?  Whatever the case, this genre is more entertaining.  Also, as special effects advance in film, the scenes flow and look more realistic, than say, the Spider Man series of films from the early 2000′s.

As for fan wear, it was for the women in the audience, with Chris Evans at the helm with bulging arms and chest, gave the female audience something to envision with very little fan wear for the men, other than the bromance between Sam and CA.  Scarlett Johansson, was bland in this role, she’s lost her flare on-screen, she just said her lines and that was all, maybe a taller Black Widow would’ve helped?  Not sure but something wasn’t right.  The fight scenes had good choreography and the chase scenes were exciting.  Which helped to mask whatever lacked with Johansson.  And the bromantic chemistry was amusing.

This tight shirt is out of control/image:

Umm…this tight shirt is out of control/image:

The Sum Up:  This movie gets a B, for see either in the movies or DVD, but see it.  For very little cursing, good one liners, great stunts and special effects.  The dialog is better than a B, but it wasn’t enough to hold out for an A.  With no Safety Alert, this is one you can see with the family, well, no children under 8 because of violence.  This movie is rated Pg 13. ~ Musings&Rants